Never Below 20 Again


1.There is every reason to do

2.From my standpoint/perspective/view

3.You ought to spare no effort to do sth、go all out to do(全力以赴做某事) supposed、ought to、What is necessary for you to do is 不要老是You should

5.My suggestions are as follows.(引出下文建议,结构清晰明了)

6.Hope what I advice will be helpful to you.

7.We cannot emphasise something too much.

8.If you have something else to ask,do not hesitate to contact me.

9.Under the circumstances,you will…… will be of great significance to do sth

11.It will be a pleasure for me if the tips above can do you a favor.

12.It not sth but sth matters(对方求助是对某两件事感到困惑时)

13.I will be more than happy my advice above can do you a favor. well be a better alternative for us to do something

15.Given that……在……的情况下




1.Could you please do me a favor?

2.I am stuck at a stage where I can hardly make any progress in my English,for exmaple it is difficult for me to memory words.What’s worse,my listening is poor……




1.our school arranges such activity in hope of that it can broden our horizons and enrich our after class lives.

2.Our class has …… concerning water saving……



1.表文章结构顺序:First of all,Firstly/First,Secondly/Second… And then,Finally,In the end,At last

2.表并列补充关系:What is more,Besides,Moreover,Furthermore,In addition As well as,not only…but (also), including,

3.表转折对比关系:However,On the contrary,but,Although+clause(从句), In spite of+n/doing,On the one hand…,On the other hand… Some…,while others…,as for, so…that… 4.表 因 果 关 系:Because,As,So,Thus,Therefore,As a result 5.表换一种方式表达:In other words,that is to say,

6.表进行举例说明:For example;For instance;such as+n/doing 7.表 陈 述 事 实:In fact,frankly speaking,

8.表达自己观点:As far as I know/concerned,In my opinion,personally, as to me

9.表总结:In short,In a word,In conclusion,In summary,all in all, briefly/ in brief ; generally speaking, as you know, as is known to all