A Person That Interests Me

Well, when it comes to a person that interests me. I will say he is Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, with no hesitation.
Mandela received good education and worded as a lawyer. As a lawyer however, he saw the unfair social positions between the white and the black with his own eyes. Later, Mandela gradually became a freedom fighter with tough personality. Although the way to freedom could never be finished and the life in prison was so hard, he never thought about giving in to the government. Thanks to his unbending spirits, his dream to set up a new South Africa, where all people can live equally regardless of their races, was finally realized.

What’s more, Mandela is a charitable and reasonable person as well. So when he came to power in the end, he forgave the people who were quite cruel to him in the past.  And that’s also why I admire him.

Mandela passed away four years ago but I think his story will continue inspiring me.



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