The Café I Enjoy Most


Among all the cafés I have ever visited, a small café near my house is what I enjoy visiting most. Definitely I am a big fan of it!

First of all, this small café is well decorated and offers great services. So, every time when entering, I can feel like home. What’s more, when drinking there, I can feel that I am a popular person due to the top services.

Besides, the coffee in this café tastes good and it helps to refresh my mind, which certainly improves my study efficiency. As a result, when a cup of coffee is empty, I always fail to resist the temptation to drink one more cup.

And most importantly, compared to other cafés the price of the coffee in this café is quite moderate to a student. Based on that reasonable price, I’m able to drink the coffee almost every day.

Therefore, this small but satisfying café has been on my regular basis. Of course I can’t live without it!



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